Bonding with your sun conure

Form a bond with your sun conureI get asked often how I am able to pet and cuddle with my sun conure so much. Goldie my sun conure lets me tickle her belly, rub her head, and hold her in my hand. She also snuggles under my neck and falls asleep on my lap. She does all of these things with ease and on a daily basis.

Goldie wasn’t always so tame I have to say. The first several years with her were the most challenging. The bond however grew over time. Now Goldie will look at me and grunt to tell me that she wants me to hold her in my hand or lean upon my arm to go to sleep.

How did I establish that bond? Well it takes time sometimes- at least it did for me and Goldie. Also regular play time together, hanging out, being silly, watching cartoons, and music-lots of silly music.

Figure out what your sun conure likes.

For Goldie she likes paper towels, music, and looking out the window. I will look out the window with her and point out stuff. She will nod her head when I point out a bird or a plane or a person walking by. Watch body language and observe when perhaps play and cuddle time is not appropriate. Sometimes sun conures do get moody and Goldie is no exception.

Silly music is and always will be one of my conure’s favorites.

Goldie has toddler music on all day long. She love its. It mesmerizes her. She loves to be sung to also. Before I put her in her cage for the night I sing her a little lullaby as I put her in the cage. It reassures her.

Spend time with your parrot every day.

Just sitting together while watching TV or working on the computer helps form a bond over time. Sometimes Goldie will sit on my lap and other times on my shoulder. Shoulder sitting should be allowed only after some amount of trust and understanding has developed however.

Show patience, and calmness when your sun conure misbehaves.

Your actions during stressful times will help improve bonding. If Goldie misbehaves she has a little red blanket that she likes. I gently grab her and wrap her in the blanket and talk to her calmly and even rub her head until she calms down and then put her in her cage. Bad behavior has lessened so much that she rarely misbehaves anymore.

Pet your sun conure.

Begin touch slowly. Ask for permission first in a gentle voice and if they don’t squawk or back away gently rub the top of the head all the while telling them how good they are. Go slowly and progress at the bird’s rate of tolerance-taking baby steps until a strong trust is formed. Afterwards say thank you and offer a favorite treat.

Build upon your relationship with your bird.

Over time a trust and routine develop that will grow into even more bonding. Goldie and I have meals together (albeit different food), watch television together, play, snuggle, and wake up to morning coffee together (Goldie has a few sips of orange or apple juice). We spend that quality time together every day.

The mutual respect and trust that my sun conure and I have allows me to hold her in my hand. She I feel knows that she is loved. Sun conures are such smart and opinionated little parrots-all with differing personalities. Oftentimes that knowing takes a while sometimes-but the time and effort put into it is worth it, because with it comes a special communication, not always spoken, sometimes in little grunts or nods- but it’s there.

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