Communicating with my sun conure

Goldie my sun conure does not talk much. Mostly she grunts and uses body language to communicate her needs. After being with her for 7 years, I feel that for the most part that I understand what she wants.

When she wants juice she will go over to the cup and tap on it. She love juice both orange and apple juice. When she sees something interesting she will look at me and bob her head to see if I saw it also.

When I say something to her I feel that she does understand much of the time what I am saying. “No”, “Come here” and “Airplane” are things she definately knows. She immediately recognizes when I start singing her favorite songs; such as “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” and “Jingle Bells”.

Parrots can and do talk. Many times they are repeating what you say, but they also know what words and things mean. With a sun conure it’s important to try to use the same words all of the time. Sun conures are not know for talking, but never under estimate their intelligence.

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