Goldie the sun conure laid another egg

Goldie the Sun Conure

Goldie in her snuggle ring


Yesterday Goldie the sun conure laid another egg. This egg is the third in the cycle and will more than likely be the last for a while. All the eggs are of course infertile. She came out of the cage and had some orange juice this morning and made a little grunt saying she wanted to go back to her cage to sit on the egg.

In a few days she will probably lose interest in the egg, as she did with the other two. The other two eggs fell and broke and she didn’t seem interested in them anymore.

During this time she gets a little extra calcium and lots of love and patience. Before she lays an egg she is extra territorial, lunges, and bites more. Normally Goldie is not territorial at all, and bites and lunges only occasionally.

Goldie still however comes out of her cage for a snack with her owner and a snuggle or two. Then she remembers the egg she left in the cage, and flips her wings up, grunts, and asks to go back to it.

Goldie’s owner tried to take a picture of her sitting on the egg but Goldie got mad and started to lunge. Goldie’s owner did get a picture of her sitting in her pink snuggle ring though.

Thankfully she only lays eggs a couple of times a year.

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