How Goldie the sun conure has dealt with loss

How Goldie the sun conure has dealt with lossGoldie’s grandma passed away at the beginning of the year. That is of course the mother of Goldie’s owner. Goldie was very fond of her grandmum and vice versa. It has been an adjustment for her and her owner.

Goldie really loved her grandmum. She would kiss her and rub her beak against her shoulder. Goldie would climb down her cage and walk across the room to climb up on the couch just to plant a kiss on her grandmum. Sometimes Goldie would kiss her so much that her grandmum would say to come get Goldie because Goldie would not stop kissing her. Fond memories….

Things have changed somewhat. Goldie now listens to a shopping channel on tv quite a bit because her owner cancelled the cable. She still has music but not as often. The constant voices seem to keep Goldie company. Goldie is alone a bit more and has seemed to take it well.

At first she did know something was wrong. She went from having constant company to being alone in a matter of weeks. Trying to maintain a regular schedule has helped. Having breakfast with Goldie, snack time, and regular cuddle and play time helps her and her owner too.

The sadness has eased and is smoothed over by fond memories of Goldie and her grandmum together. We remember the counting video, the kissing video, and many more because Goldie’s grandmum was featured or in the background of most of them.

We wish Goldie’s grandmum could be here to help celebrate Goldie’s 10 hatchday which is coming soon. Goldie’s grandmum loved to celebrate those days with Goldie and Goldie knew and appreciated it with head bobbing and shrieks of delight. We know life will bring more changes, but Goldie will always be loved and have her grandmum looking down on her with love too.


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