Keeping your sun conure busy

Keep your sun conure busy.

So you are at work, you want to take a nap, or you just want some alone time, but your sun conure wants to be with you all of the time. Well it’s important to have an arsenal of things for your sun conure to do to keep them busy and keep them quiet too. A bored sun conure or any parrot is not a happy parrot. The following are some of the things that Goldie the sun conure likes to do and are activities that keep her from getting bored.

  • Look out the window. Goldie loves looking out the window on her window stand. She likes to see people walk by, birds, and airplanes. She will sit on the stand for at least a hour looking out the window.
  • A play gym- Play gyms are a good idea to help your sun get plenty of exercise and keep them occupied while you are busy around the house.
  • Play with a wicker ball- Goldie loves those balls, because not only can you roll them around, but you can tear them apart.
  • Tear up a bird safe wood block or bird kabob- Goldie has several of these and they are rotated to keep her from getting bored. The wood is soft and can be easily picked apart.
  • Shred paper towels or newspaper made of soy ink. Cut the paper in strips and hang at the top of the cage for some fun- Goldie loves to tear things up, but of course I have to clean up the mess afterward. Sometimes I take a piece of newspaper, sprinkle some treats in it and roll it up tight. Then I hang it at the top of the cage for some messy fun.
  • Shred subscription cards for magazines-She loves to poke holes in this card, and tear off little pieces of paper.
  • Toilet or paper towel rolls- fun for shredding. Just make sure that you cut off the sticky part where there was glue, or if you have some nice clean cardboard or a clean shoebox with a hole cut out that will do nicely for some fun too.
  • Silly music. –What can I say, but that Goldie has music on for hours a day.
  • Lots of toys. Wooden toys, rope toys, acrylic toys, foot toys, shredable toys. Important: Change the toys often and check toys for safety as birds have been known to get caught in a toy or strangle because of a damaged toy. Rotate toys and monitor behavior daily while providing interesting objects and an enriching environment for your sun conure.
  • Cartoons- Silly voices, funny looking characters seem to mesmerize Goldie on Saturday mornings.
  • A Fruit kabob. I usually put a cored out organic washed apple on a kabob with some other fruit such as grapes and also carrots and broccoli too.

Goldie is never bored and with a little thought you can keep your conure busy too, and make your life more peaceful at the same time. Just be sure to monitor the reaction to each item and replace or adjust when necessary. Be aware sometimes shredding can be a nesting behavior, but it is a normal behavior. You do want them to be busy, but you don’t want to over stimulate hormones or create excessive egg laying- so balance the activities so that they don’t become over attached to one toy or activity. Activities, along with plenty of sleep and a balanced diet, help make Goldie an overall happy and healthy bird.

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