Macaw heartbroken over losing a sun conure friend

A male Blue-and-Gold Macaw (left) and a female...

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I recently heard a first hand account from a women that had rescued a sun conure from a home of a friend of a friend because the people had it in a cage with a dog barking at it all of the time. The conure was unsocialized and was traumatized by the barking dog. The lady said that the sun conure had lived in terrible conditions and was not handled much.

The lady also had a blue and gold macaw that was around 22 years old. The lady placed the macaw and the conure on opposite ends of the room in their separate cages, but they could see each other. The conure screamed and screamed and screamed. It was just an unhappy bird based on its prior experiences.

The lady didn’t believe that the macaw and the conure had much interaction and she never let them out of the cage at the same time. However she did notice some response sometimes from the macaw when the conure would scream. The macaw would say “hi” sometimes and stop and look at the conure when it screamed and seemed to be unfazed by the noise.

After around 6 months or so the conure would still scream all the time. The lady and her husband decided that they were just not prepared to rehabilitate the unhappy conure and decided to rehome it to a parrot rescue.

Two weeks latter the macaw was dead at the age of 22-a early death for a macaw. The lady firmly believes now that the macaw was heartbroken over losing the company of the sun conure. At the time she did not realize that yes there was some sort of unspoken bond there.

It will never be known for sure whether or not the macaw died heartbroken or whether it was some other unknown illness. Birds do hide illness systoms very well. They have to, for in the wild a sick bird is prey.

There can be no doubt however that parrots do form strong bonds both with each other and with people. Bonds are also formed between different species of parrots and there odd instances of parrot bonds forming between dogs and cats even.

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