My sun conure loves to take a bath

My sun conure after her bathmy sun conure loves a regular bathMost parrots love to take regular baths. Goldie my sun conure is no exception to that. She usually likes to take a bath around 3 times a week and in the summer it’s usually every other day. 

Goldie oftentimes is sitting on my shoulder while I am doing things around the house.  She usually knows what she wants and will let me know one way or the other when it’s time for a bath. It’s when I go in the kitchen and run the water in the sink that she will let me know that she wants a bath. She will lean into the running water and make a little noise that sounds like a soft grunt to let me know that she wants to take a bath. 

Goldie doesn’t take a bath in the sink however. She has a little white tub that she likes filled with cold water. Yes cold water. If I put warm water in the tub she won’t get in it. She will dunk her head in the cold water first and then get in and dunk her head again. She doesn’t like help taking a bath and frankly it angers her if I try to help, so I just stand back and watch. 

After she has finished, I dry her off as much as possible and after that she usually wants to snuggle against my head and shoulder for a while. 

Every parrot is unique in their bathing habits. Some like to be misted. Goldie my sun conure hates that and will scream. Some parrots like to take a bath in the kitchen sink. Goldie doesn’t like it either and most of the time detests running water except when she wants a bath. And some parrots love to take showers. No my sun conure doesn’t like that either. 

A regular bath really benefits the overall well being of parrots and sun conures. Goldie is generally calmer and happier when she gets a regular bath. Finding out which way they prefer their baths is another matter, and is part of the unique individual personality of each pet bird.  New parrot owners have to experiment to find out their birds preferences. With Goldie, it took some trial and error before I got it right. Now she really enjoys her baths.

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