My Sun Conure prefers music to her toys

My Sun Conure parrot enjoys all kinds of music. Whether it’s gospel, country, rock, Christmas music, or toddler tunes she is amused by all of it. Some kind of music is on for her entertainment almost all day long every day. I think that my sun conure prefers music to her toys even.

Probably Goldie my sun conure’s favorite song is Take me out to the Ball Game.  If the song starts or you start singing it to her, she immediately recognizes it and starts bobbing her head up and down. She also loves Jingle Bells,  Mary Had a little Lamb, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

My sun conure loves to be sung to also. It doesn’t matter how good or bad a singer you are, she loves it anyway. She will bob her head, and try to sing with you as well (My Sun Conure trying to sing). Sometimes when the music is on she can be heard trying to sing to the music also. She is not a very good singer or talker for that matter but she has fun. She also taps on the cage to the tune of the music also. Sometimes she clicks her beak and snaps her head back and forth to the tune of the music too.

The music entertains her and soothes her. She loves different types of voices too. I imagine it gives her a level of comfort to have a modest amount of background noise all the time. The native tropical jungle where sun conures once originated from after all is not a naturally quiet place. The noise volume shouldn’t be too loud or too low however- but just enough to provide companionship. Sometimes after a while, the calming influence of the music will put her to sleep, as she frequently has an afternoon nap while “The wheels on the Bus” is playing in the background.

Having music on helps keeps her noise level down. She does not screech nearly as much as she used to when she was 1-3 years old, though admittedly sun conues will always be somewhat noisy. She knows where everything is, she knows her schedule, she feels confident, has a good diet, and gets plenty of rest. Add music to the mix and some good silly playtime everyday and my sun conure at almost 8 years old is a much quieter, happier sun conure overall.

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