My sun conure’s bad habit

Maybe it’s just me but I can take the occasional sun conure yelling and food slinging, however there is one thing that she does on occasion that does get on my nerves I admit. Goldie loves to every once in a while to go down my shirt and try to poke holes in my clothes.

Most of the time, she is sweet about going down my shirt. She just jumps down my shirt or wiggles her way up and sits there while her head sticking out. She sits there watching what I am doing and it’s rather cute I confess.

When it is not so cute is when she wants to chew and poke holes in the shirt or blouse I am wearing or bite on my bra. Horrors she has a few times broken a bra strap even. When she is doing this she usually gets mad when I try to get her out and I have to get her very own small red blanket and grab her and pull her out. The red blanket makes it easier to grab her while she is aggravated and prevents a possible bite.

My conure seems to zero in on newer clothes especially and really relishes the prospect of poking a hole in a new top. She has been known to walk across the room to get a look at a new top, especially one in pink or red. Preventing her from going down my shirt is much easier than getting her out when she is in a destructive mood.

I of course realized that this bad habit came from letting her do it in the first place. She doesn’t understand the difference between when it’s cute to do it and when it is not so cute. So unfortunately Goldie is not allowed to go down my shirt at all anymore because if I let her she will destroy all of my clothes and give me an occasional scratch mark as well.

Instead I let Goldie snuggle by my neck or next to my hand. She also has her own pink t-shirt which she can go into and bite instead of mine. In the meantime I have to say “no” to Goldie when she wants to go down my shirt and for Goldie “no” is not an easy word to take, but she does obey it.

The moral in this sun conure problem is that preventing bad habits from forming is easier than breaking them. I guess you have to think in terms like a sun conure and what they would do in a given situation. Goldie likes to do what she has done before and thinks it’s ok to continue and be destructive. The bad habit is really my fault not hers.

So Goldie and I are working on this problem and it’s a work in progress still, but it is getting better. Work it out we will though or I might just have to continue to buy new t-shirts.

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