Parrot egg laying: My Sun Conure laid an egg

Sun Conure laid an egg

My Sun Conure Goldie recently laid an egg

Female pet birds will lay infertile eggs once in a while. Parrot egg laying comes in cycles and sometimes some parrot owners are surprised to find that their parrot has laid an egg after quite a long time when they thought the bird was male. Goldie my Sun Conure laid an egg a few days ago. There doesn’t appear to be a special time of year she lays an egg, but there are clues as to when my parrot is going to lay an egg.

Signs of parrot egg laying

It starts with noticing that Goldie my Sun Conure is spending more time eating her cuttle bone/mineral block and she is slightly more hungry than normal. Then there is the crankiness. What I mean by crankiness is that there might be a slight increase in noise level for instance. Additionally she is more territorial and bossy than usual. Then she wants to crawl down my shirt more frequently which is something that you should not let them start doing but that’s another long story.

Usually she will lay the egg in her teepee bed and sit with it for a while. She is usually left alone until she loses interest in the egg which is usually not for a couple of days. Sometimes the egg falls and breaks and then of course she doesn’t have any interest in it anymore. A few days latter there might be another egg. In the cycle there are usually 2 or 3 eggs.

Egg Binding Symptoms

What concerns me most about parrot egg laying is egg binding. Egg binding if left untreated can cause parrot death. Egg binding symptoms include staying at the bottom of the cage fluffed up as if straining to pass an egg, and loss of appetite. It is important to take the parrot to an avian vet as soon as possible and keep the bird warm by perhaps placing the bird a heating pad underneath a carrier.

Calcium for parrots

Parrot illness issues with egg binding in egg laying birds can be helped by making sure your sun conure has a nutritionally adequate diet. Pellets, fresh food and vegetables, and cuttlebone go a long way in preventing the problem, as does plenty of playtime exercise.

It’s still a struggle to make sure that my conure has plenty of calcium however, as she can be a picky eater. My conure likes almonds which are a good source of calcium, and drinks calcium fortified orange juice in addition to her regular diet and cuttlebone for parrot health. I have also been told that organic yogurt with live cultures is good as occasional treat-which Goldie loves. Calcium for parrots can also include egg shells, raisins, walnuts, and easy access to cuttlebone and mineral block. The parrot should also get plenty of natural sunlight or have access to full spectrum lighting.

Parrot egg laying can be minimized by making sure the parrot gets plenty of sleep with limited daylight, and has access to no nesting material or toys that encourage nesting behavior. Still a couple of times a year Goldie with have an egg laying cycle.

The 1st egg in this cycle broke and she appears to have forgotten about it. Now we wait for the next one or two eggs. I have to admit that I will be happy when the cycle is over and I have my sweet, loving bird back. However egg laying is part of owning a parrot sometimes.

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