Parrot noise problems can be managed

Sun Conures are loudPet birds and parrots are wild animals; they react differently than cats and dogs, which are much easier to train. Parrots will make lots of noise by making different sounds and by screaming and screeching. There is no changing the fact that normal parrot behavior means some amount of noise. So often a parrot owner’s reaction to noise problems is punishment or rehoming the parrot, but parrot noise problems can be managed with some basic sun conure screaming training and prevention tips.

Establish a regular schedule 

Birds live life according to basic instincts and the seasons. Daylight plays a big factor in Goldie the sun conure and her schedule for instance. My conure has a regular schedule which comforts her. My sun conure knows what is expected of her and knows what will happen throughout the day. She wakes up around the same time every day, has her meals around the same time, and goes to bed around the same time everyday. A regular schedule creates a rhythm to the day, makes for a more balanced bird, and cuts down on sun conure screaming.   

Don’t yell back 

My conure doesn’t like to be alone and many parrots are like that. If my conure decides that she wants her owner, she will yell and yell and just be your basic noisy conure. This is normal parrot behavior. In the rain forest parrots will call out for their flock member over great distances. Also normal is the fact that parrots like attention, even negative attention. So yelling back doesn’t prevent the screaming, it will make the sun conure scream more. Instead I may call back to her in a soothing voice to let her know that I am nearby instead. 

Music and a calm voice has helped 

If the yelling is particularly a problem, immediately after Goldie has stopped yelling, as a reward, I sing to her a happy song until she bobs her head up and down. Also I find that when my conure has music on, she is much calmer and happier. Never is she punished or yelled at. I have found that when I say ‘no’ to Goldie that she, just like a two year old child, will repeat back ‘no’ almost mocking me. She thinks it’s funny and loves even negative attention. 

Punishment doesn’t work 

Goldie’s owner has known of another parrot owner that uses a spray bottle on their screaming parrot. This kind of punishment will only make for an angry, frightened pet bird-it doesn’t work. Also covering the cage may make the parrot quiet for a while, but it doesn’t solve the problem usually for long. The only parrot training that works over the long run is positive reinforcement. 

Reward good behavior 

Positive reinforcement is accomplished by rewarding good behavior; and by giving attention to the bird when they are being good. If the pet bird is screaming wait a while until they stop and then give them attention. Get to know the individual parrot personality and learn its likes and dislikes and what the parrot might like as a reward. Once you understand the parrot or conure, it is more unlikely that you will misread its behavior, thus preventing some yelling as well. 

Be patient and get to know your parrot 

The first few years of owning Goldie my conure were the hardest. Goldie’s owner did not really realize that sun conures are loud and how to train a parrot. There would be times that Goldie would scream and yell and Goldie’s owner frankly just didn’t understand what was going on and was very frustrated. Overtime after learning sun conure likes and dislikes and using positive reinforcement the noise has lessened. Goldie has a schedule, gets plenty of rest, gets lots of playtime, and has a varied sun conure diet as well. 

A parrot owner can learn to manage the noise that a parrot makes so that it does not conflict with the parrot owner’s life. You may not be able to get a parrot to react like a dog or cat, but with positive reinforcement you can have a more peaceful coexistence. Understanding theses issues can go a long way to prevent the frequent parrot rehoming that so often happens within the first few years of owning a parrot.

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