Parrot positive reinforcement for people

My Sun Conure loves praisePositive reinforcement sounds easy enough, but many people have a hard time with it. Positive reinforcement is such an important part of training parrots and sun conures too and it has really helped grow the connection between me and my Sun Conure. People in general are taught to expect good and critize bad things. Sometimes they completely overlook the good and really focus on bad behavior or things.

In college I took a psychology course where we had to pick one person without them knowing and praise them often without using any criticism. We were also to write a report about the results of the praise and how it affected our relationship.

It was really amazing to see the benefit of using positive feedback with people because more often than not the positive results came back to the offeror as well. Most of the people in the class including myself reported improved relationships and a new outlook on motivating and leading people.

With parrots it works in similar ways though often is somewhat more subtle. A smile-parrots do notice facial expressions, a happy “Hello,” and kiss on top of the beak, a short musical tune, a head bob bounce, a treat, a nuzzle at the neck, and a warm “I love you”. These are just some of the ways that my Sun Conure is rewarded.

Stop and think of all the ways that you can reward your parrot when they are being good. What do they like? What do they like to do? What do they like to hear and see? Watch them and reinforce when they are being good on a daily basis. Goldie my Sun Conure is praised and rewarded when she is good throughout the day.

When using positive reinforcement you still should not forget about bad parrot behavior. Do make note of it and react appropriately with no yelling or punishment and work to channel that negative behavior into positive parrot behavior. Observe over time though how using positive feedback affects your relationship with your parrot. You begin to appreciate the good and little by little the bad fades to the background. The bond between parrot and owner becomes stronger. It also doesn’t hurt when you use it with people either as we can all use a little reward or compliment or two, especially these days.

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