Parrots enjoy chamomile tea

It started with Goldie’s owner drinking a hot cup of chamomile tea on a cold rainy day. Chamomile tea is relaxing to drink and has many benefits for people such as helping the immune system and soothing the stomach. Parrots enjoy chamomile tea too.

Goldie the Sun Conure was with her owner as usual at the table. The tea had cooled down to slightly warm by the time Goldie had a few sips. Goldie really seemed to enjoy the tea. She usually drinks orange juice for breakfast and now enjoys chamomile tea for lunch time and sometimes dinner too.

Chamomile tea is actually a good herbal remedy for parrot stress as it has a calming effect on parrots. Some claim that it is helpful for feather plucking parrots as well. For feather plucking parrots diluted chamomile tea can be provided in lieu of drinking water.

Goldie enjoys organic caffeine free chamomile tea that is lukewarm. Please make sure and read labels before purchasing the tea and giving it to your parrot however. The tea bag is steeped in the tea as directed but allowed to cool somewhat before Goldie has some sips. No sweeteners are added either. Never give parrots coffee or any other type of tea.

Goldie has never had a problem with feather plucking and her stress level is normal, but she does love the social aspect of tea drinking with her owner. Chamomile tea is seems is good for both parrot owners and parrots too.

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