Pet Birds versus Dogs: Which are better pets?

The intelligent Sun Conure

My Sun Conure tries to open a bottle

I nearly got into a Facebook argument with someone that does not understand the allure of owing a pet bird and is strongly for owning only dogs as pets. Some people are still of the belief that birds are well just pooping machines that are more of a commodity or a meal than a pet. While I loves dogs also, my pet birds and especially my Sun Conure come first and here’s why.

  • Intelligent– Goldie my Sun Conure is highly intelligent. She is potty trained. She knows my car and starts to yell for me when I drive up the driveway. She understands various words and situations.
  • Loving– My Sun Conure loves to snuggle at the nape of my neck or cuddle up in my hand. It is so sweet to see her rub her beak on my arm which is her birdie way of kissing.
  • Funny– She has a silly sense of fun. She makes laughing noises while she plays. She loves to roll over and have her belly tickled and has a heck of a good time tearing up things. Any song will cause her to bob her head up and down.
  • Small– My Sun Conure is small but she has a mighty big personality. She is a spoiled little diva that sometimes finds it difficult to take no for an answer.
  • Loyal– When I am on the computer she sits on my shoulder. When I do chores around the house she sits on my shoulder or flies after me to go along for the ride. She would rather be with me than play.
  • Long lived– Sun Conures can live on average up to 30 years of age. Can dogs do that? Many other species of parrots can live even longer.
  • Noise– Parrots make noise like dogs do though it doesn’t sound the same. My neighbors have told me that they hear Goldie yelling sometimes. Her yell doesn’t seem as irritating to my neighbors as a dog barking for some reason. I guess from a short distance my Sun Conure’s yell sounds more native and blends into the city sounds perhaps. However like dogs the Sun Conure yell can travel a good distance and be irritating to some.
  • Biting– Pet birds bite as do dogs. I have been bitten by both and both hurt.
  • Poop– You can potty train many species of pet birds. With poop remover sprayed on bird poop as a cleaner it’s fairly easy to remove however. Dog urine is not as easy if there is an accident.

Admit it; many of these qualities are what make dogs such great pets. Pet birds are the third most popular pet in the country after cats and dogs of course. While I do want to have a dog someday, as I think that both dogs and birds make great pets, Goldie my Sun Conure will always be the queen of the household-my cats know that and someday a dog will know that also.

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