Quiet is not normal for parrots

My sun conure loves music. Parrots native habitat in the wild jungle is a noisy place, with birds chirping and squawking, and insects buzzing. Regular and consistent noise in the jungle is reassuring to parrots that life is progressing normally, and all is well in the surroundings and with the rest of the flock.

When there is no noise in the jungle, then something is wrong. There is a predator around perhaps, a flock member could be in trouble, the normal pace of life is momentarily disrupted and a parrot becomes more watchful, cautious, and fearful-heightened survival mode takes over.

This is why having a moderate amount of noise in the house can be a good thing for parrots. Music, CDs, cartoons, and Sesame Street are examples of the kind of noise that are always in the background at Goldie’s house. This type of noise helps reduces overall anxiety and nervousness for the sun conure. Having these background sounds overtime I believe has helped Goldie the sun conure become calmer and less noisy herself. The consistent hum of music and television voices is reassuring just like jungle noise.

Goldie even likes sports on TV because I think she can hear and sense the excitement of the crowd watching the game in person. All day every day, Goldie has a moderate amount of background noise from the television. Most of the time it’s toddler tunes, other times its news, sports, cartoons, or a movie even. She even has a cd from the World Parrot Trust that features various parrots and their natural noises in the real jungle.

On the off chance it is quiet in the house, a sudden noise will often produce a shriek from Goldie and she will become visibly alarmed and on edge for a while. An anxious parrot is much more likely to be an excessively noisy parrot, which is not good for the household or the neighbors for that matter.

Excessive noise in the home on the other hand is not good either. Like too little noise excessively loud racket in the house can produce anxiety as well. Yelling, talking too loud, excessively loud TV volume, and many sudden noises can produce fear and the fearful behaviors that can result also.

Right now Goldie is in her cage happy-quiet-while music is playing in the background. The music is of course an acceptable human substitute for natural jungle noise, but without the music, I think my sun conure would be a great deal more anxious and noisier as a result.

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