Sun Conures are Intelligent

Sun Conures are Intelligent

Gokdie my Sun Conure is very smart

Sun Conures  are said to have the intelligence of a 2-year-old. These small but smart pet parrots can understand words in context. Sun Conures also have a keen awareness of their environment and remember things with detail. Additionally the silly and social Sun Conure has a sense of humor when it comes to daily life. As you watch your sun conures daily behavior and how your bird interacts they can be no doubting that sun conures are intelligent.  

Understand words in context

While sun conures are not known for their talking ability, they do interact with their owners very well. Goldie my sun conure loves to be talked to. There are many words that my sun conure understands the meaning of. She understands the words: music, hot, no, bad, good girl, and airplane among others. To the say the word music to her usually elicits a head bob and a look that says are you going to sing me a song. She understands these words in context. Rushing toward a hot sweet potato made just for her, she will stop not touching the potato if you say “hot”.

An ability to understand words and simple commands is one reason why conures are fairly easy to train. Even novice trainers can teach basic skills to a sun conure, and train a sun conure easily.

Awareness of environment

Besides music, my sun conure’s other favorite thing is airplanes. She will sit and look out the window and make a noise when she sees and airplane. She will watch the airplane till it flies by and will wait until she sees another. Sometimes when she hears the airplane noise she will look up at the sky and will somehow know whether the airplane is going to fly over and be seen or whether it will not be seen.

My sun conure is very observant of everything that goes on around her. She notices new articles of clothing and will rub her beak on anything new in a pretty bright color. She acknowledges birds that stop by the bird feeders, and strangers that walk by the window. Anything new, a box, a toy, a person will peak her interest or alarm.

There can be a negative aspect to Goldie’s comprehension of her surroundings. For instance she knows when her owner is home even if her owner is on the other side of the house. She will yell if she decides that she wants her owner and knows that her owner is home. Oddly enough Goldie also seems to know when her owner is not home and is extremely quiet then.

Remember things

My sun conure remembers certain glasses and cups and remembers the ones that have a better tone when she taps on them. She remembers people, incidents, and places as well. She is comfortable with the layout of the house and seems to remember rooms very well.

The ability to remember things so well is one of the reasons why bad habits can form very quickly. For example if you let Goldie chew on your shirt once, even an old one, she thinks it’s acceptable to chew on them all.

Sense of humor

Goldie knows there is a cat that she can intimidate. If she sees the cat near her she will fly or walk over to the cat and the cat runs. Goldie then gives a little laugh and rolls her head as if to say that she knows she is marvelous.

She also loves to tear up things such as styrofoam cups, bread, and magazines and throw the little pieces on the floor laughing as she does this.

This silly sense of fun, means that sun conures need to play and should be out of their cages at the minimum of 1 hour a day or more so that they can play, interact, and learn.

Recognizing these traits in a sun conure can help owners be more sympathetic to their sun conure’s personality, and be more appreciative of what a clever little pet bird they do have.

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