Sun Conure has a good time tearing things up

My Sun Conure has a good time tearing things up. Most parrots love to play. My Sun Conure can be heard laughing. I know she knows what she is doing as frequently she will toss the item on the floor.

Some of mySun Conure’s favorite things to tear things up are:

  • Bread-She tears it up into little pieces and eats some of it and tosses the rest.
  • Magazines- She frequently tears up Bird Talk magazine and the subscription card is her favorite too.
  • Paper towels- She loves paper towels and loves to tear them apart.
  • Wood block-This should be only specifically made for birds to tear up and is untreated wood. She will gradually work on this.
  • Clothes- She is known to deliberately poke holes in clothes, especially t-shirts.
  • Styrofoam- She likes to tear it up. Don’t worry she doesn’t eat it and mostly tosses it aside.


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