Sun conure likes to eats wood toys. Is it safe?

Sun conure Aratinga solstitialis

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my sun conure chips off his wood toys and sits there eating them. is this safe or normal? if not, what should i do? thnx

Originally posted by Bird Board

Sun Conures love to chew on things and shred things. That is normal Sun Conure behavior. Most of the time it is ok is they chew on wood, but make sure that it is not treated wood. If you purchase wood bird toys from a reliable pet bird supply store then it probably should be ok if it is specifically made for birds.

My sun conure loves to chew on the wood blocks that you can buy at the pet store made specifically for birds. Wesco Pet Original Bird Kabob Shreddable Bird Toy is the wood toy that she has in her cage right now. Basically she spends quite a bit of time shredding it. Previous ones she has torn up completly.

Never let a pet bird chew on furniture or other treated wood.

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