Sun Conures and parrots benefit from full spectrum lighting

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Where Goldie lives there are many windows and plenty of natural light, but glass filters out beneficial UV spectrum that is important to parrots overall health and well being. For that reason Goldie has a lamp with a full spectrum bulb. After all Goldie is a Sun Conure and Sun Conures and parrots benefit from full spectrum lighting. The full spectrum bulb has had the following impacts on Goldie:

My Sun Conure is Quieter

Goldie has her full spectrum lighting on around 2-3 hours a day. When she has the lamp on and music on she is very quiet, hardly making any noise at all. Normally she is generally quiet with periods of loud Sun Conure squawking and calling, but I have found that with the lamp on she is even quieter.

My Sun Conure has more beautiful feathers

The lamp has made some slight differences in her feathers. The color and sheen of the feathers appears more vibrant, making her color shine. There have been so many compliments on the overall beauty of Goldie and some of that can be attributed to the full spectrum lighting.

My Sun Conure is happier

Her mood is more even. Sun Conures can be moody on occasion and Goldie is no exception. However having the lamp on there is a noticeable difference in her mood. She has had fewer anger problems and seems happier and content.

Probably one of the reasons that Goldie is happy when she has the lamp on a couple of hours a day is that birds can see UV light and with that can see the full range of their surroundings as a result of having a full spectrum light .

My Sun Conure has healthy calcium levels

Full Spectrum lighting helps synthesis Vitamin D3 and helps the adsorption and regulation of calcium in the body. Goldie lays eggs a couple of times a years so having normal calcium levels is important for her overall health. Full Spectrum lighting however is not a substitute for a deficient diet.

Goldie’s owner uses a natural light fluorescent bulb  with a recommended light fixture and keeps the lamp around 2 feet away from the parrot. Goldie’s owner recommends that owner’s talk to their avian vet to discuss the length of time that the light should be on, with size, being the main factor, as well as breeding issues, and behavioral problems. Lights used should be used as recommended by avian vets and the manufacturer. Goldie’s owner also recommends only using those specifically recommended for birds.

The full spectrum light is not a substitute for required sleep, lack of positive reinforcement, or exercise. The full spectrum light is however an important addition to the overall health of most parrots and pet birds.

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