Sun conures are not the pet for everyone


Dear Goldie’s Owner,

Circumstances beyond my control have required me to co-exist with a sun conure for the past year. Anyone who describes this beastly creature as a happy, fun little bird is either deaf or delusional, probably both. They are ULTRA-LOUD, self-centered and filthy little bastards. Oh, and I forgot excessively MEAN, aggressive and territorial little pricks who will attack and bite you without provocation. They also crap everywhere and are totally destructive to personal property. Other than that, they are the perfect pets. I am seriously counting the minutes until he and I part ways FOREVER. Ken

Dear Ken,

First of all I have to say that having a parrot or sun conure is not for everyone. Many people are enticed into getting one because they are pretty or they want a bird that can talk, not realizing that having a parrot is work.

That being said I also have to say that when you purchase a parrot there is of course the chance you will get one that has not been socialized or one that has formed bad habits. This is why education about parrots is important before you purchase one. Other than that I have to say that my sun conure can be some of the things that you mention sometimes, but all of the time no.

She is loud, but she is not loud all the time. She can be aggressive and bite on occasion but this is infrequent as I have learned over time what she doesn’t like and what sets her off and I have set limits.

By setting limits I mean that she cannot do whatever she wants. You say your sun conure poops everywhere. I have to wonder why you let your bird do this. Goldie for instance is potty trained and rarely has an accident. She is not allowed to chew on furniture as that can be harmful to her and she has her own chew toys. Goldie will poke holes in clothing if you don’t watch her, but she is supervised to prevent this.

Your sun conure does not sound like a happy bird and the bird is letting you know it. I would get its wings clipped if they haven’t been clipped already and start supervising the bird appropriately. Use positive reinforcement, treats, toys, music, etc. Punishment is not understood by parrots. Unfortunately it sounds like your sun conure has already formed bad habits that will take some time to undo.

If you cannot keep the sun conure and don’t have the patience to undo its bad habits, please rehome it to someone with experience and knowledge on how to care for parrots.

Goldie my sun conure is a happy, affectionate little bird. While she can act out, she is merely expressing her personality and opinions in ways not unlike a two year old might. Goldie is supervised, given limits, rewarded, and cherished. It’s not always easy, as I admit there are times –especially after she has thrown food on the floor or starts yelling because she doesn’t like it when the phone rings- that even I lose patience for a few minutes. Having a parrot-like any pet-takes commitment to the long term care of that animal, and with that comes the good and of course bad sometimes-but I will take both myself anyday for my sun conure because she is worth it to me.

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