Sun conures love to poke holes in things

My sun conure poked holes in my tank topI had to give Goldie my sun conure one of my t-shirts today. This pretty pink tank top was one of my favorites but as you can see my sun conure has poked many holes in it. Somehow it just happens. She is sitting on my shoulder one minute and then the next she is reaching down and poking holes. After a few pokes I admit it just doesn’t matter anymore. It’s better not to let them do it in the first place. 

If you are not careful a sun conure will poke a hole in your couch, mattress, and purse- take it from me. Wood is also a frequent chewing target and great care must be used to prevent this as it can be harmful to the small parrot. It’s much better to provide magazines, paper towels, and wood blocks specifically made for birds to chew on as toys. Parrots just love to shred things and it just so much safer and easier on you to provide them things instead of letting them destroy your things.

Parrots love to shred magazines

When Goldie sees me wearing something new and pretty she usually makes a laughing sound and kisses the shirt over and over, but after that forget it. I only put on my best clothes on when she is in her cage. As for the pink t-shirt, she will probably like it for a few days and then tire of it, and then I will use it as a dust rag I guess.

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