The Unique Sun Conures Personality

personalityGoldie the sun conure has her own special personality that is multifaceted. It’s hard to explain to people that don’t have birds about such a complex personality. They think oh it’s just a bird. However Goldie is a loving, loyal friend, and can show great fear, anger, and determination too.

Goldie is a watchdog. If she sees or hears something strange she will give a piercing shriek. A strange neighborhood cat spotted near the door, a strange car, or an odd person walking down the driveway will cause her to yell loudly. Her observation skills and senses are amazing. She can spot tiny airplanes in the sky from far distances and oddly enough knows exactly when I come home because she knows the sound of my car.

Goldie is a loyal friend. When I go room to room she will fly after me and land on my shoulder. She has to go with me everywhere. When I come home and take her out of the cage she will rub her beak on my shoulder and cheeks as an adoring greeting. I even talk to her like a person and ask her questions and she nods her head as if she knows what I am talking about-sometimes she does know what I am talking about.

She can be bossy and show great jealously. If I pet the cat and Goldie sees, she may very well give me a little poke as if to say she does not like me giving the cat attention. And she can get very mad for example if the phone rings and you pick it up; you can be sure to get a poke in the ear lobe even minutes later because she does remember the incident; her memory is excellent too.

She is often determined to get what she wants when she wants. If she is on my shoulder in the kitchen and she wants a bath Goldie may reach out as if to point to the water to tell me she wants a bath. She will walk across the room with that cute little waddle of hers to get a treat or see what I am eating. If it is a magazine or book, better put it away or have tiny holes in it sooner than later.

Every new blouse I get she looks at it and almost purrs with delight at seeing it. She especially seems to like the colorful ones, so I have to be especially careful because if it is a pretty blouse she will poke a hole in it in a matter of seconds.

Goldie is also very silly and loves to have fun. The minute I turn the music on she bobs her head and moves her head back and forth clicking her beak to the tune of the music. She loves her toys and especially loves any kind of toy that she can tear up.

Fear is also a trait of hers. A sudden loud noise can cause her to go flying wildly. I vividly remember when we had an earthquake and she was sitting out of her cage like she normally does. During the quake she jumped up in the air and landed on the floor confused and scared. This sudden fear response is something to take note of because many have lost conures when they suddenly became scared and fly off.

But what most really stands out about Goldie’s personality is how loving she is. She loves to cuddle and kisses me often by rubbing her beak on my arm or cheek. She loves for me to hold her and will fall asleep in my hand. She oftentimes sleeps on me while I watch television too.

Sure sun conures can be difficult at times and very loud too, but with any relationship there will be good and bad. They are complicated creatures that are intelligent, and spirited. Their exceptional personality makes them good companions. With a sun conure, if you give them love and attention, they will love you.

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