Three things that surprised me about my Sun Conure Goldie

When I first bought Goldie I did not have a clue about sun conure behavior. When she first made a noise, I thought something had to be wrong with this parrot. When she bit me, I thought she was just a mean parrot. When she yelled because she wanted to be with me all the time, I thought it was just not normal.

1. Sun Conures are loud.

Let’s be honest. While they are not always loud all the time, there are times when they make so much noise that it can try your patience. I have a guest over sometimes that doesn’t like noise and this person asks how I can stand the noise. Goldie just gets excited when company comes and she screams. I have gotten used to it, so it may not bother me anymore Most of the time when Goldie does scream, it’s only for just a few minutes and then she stops because she realizes that she is not going to get attention that way.

I heard someone say several months ago that they lived in an apartment and had a Sun Conure. That person stated that the Sun Conure was not loud. If that is the case then that would be somewhat unusual as Goldie is mostly pretty good, but yet my neighbors tell me that they can hear her sometimes, and when she gets going she can be heard distinctly all the way on the other side of the house. Now for some unknown reason that person that said they have a quiet sun conure is now rehoming the bird.

Sun Conures in the wild will yell so that they can be heard over long distances whenever their flock mates are out of sight. This calling for their flock mates is perfectly normal behavior in a Sun Conure wild parrot. It’s how they communicate in the wild over vast distances.

2. Sun conures are affectionate.

Goldie makes kissing noises. She loves to snuggle and be petted. She loves attention and really enjoys being talked to. She definitely does not like to be alone and really appreciates company. Unfortanely she knows when I am home, and if she decides that she wants me for some reason she will yell. She doesn’t yell for me as much as she used to because she has learned that I will not give her attention if she is screaming.

3. Sun Conures remember things.

Goldie remembers where everything is. She knows the house almost as well as I do. She seems to remember her basic schedule, and she recognizes various objects as well. She also remembers things that she doesn’t like. For instance someone once told me about misting her instead of letting Goldie bathe herself. Well I tried it and Goldie hated it. The spray bottle freaked out. Ever since she yells if she sees a spray bottle and gets mad and lunges and will bite, holding on until you drop anything that looks like a spray bottle.

When you look at all of these three things together, Sun Conure screaming, being affectionate, and remembering things, it gives a big picture of the parrot’s personality itself. Sun Conures in the wild stay in flocks of up to 30 birds. They are social; they depend on each other for survival. They call out to each other if they cannot see their flock mates and they remember where they can find food and when.

It’s helpful to recognize that Sun Conures love and forms strong bonds, remember things, and need to communicate. They are active and social birds. These features are what make Sun Conures such a great pet for so many people. But these same traits can also lead to so many problems for Sun Conure owners. If Sun Conure owner’s can remember the foundation of their bird’s personality, how the bird’s instincts react; it can go a long way to helping understand these beautiful and intelligent, little creatures and their place in our lives.

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