A Bird Emergency First Aid Kit- Why it is so important


It all started when I let my Pacific parrotlet out to play, normally he is a good bird and stays in his play area. However for whatever reason he decided he was going to see what the others were doing. No sooner than he did that when I heard lots of fussing and chirping. I quickly went to see what the commotion was…

I found the little thing on top of my other parrotlets cage in the other room. I get my wayward parrotlet and put him back where he belongs. I then go back and look at the other little birds and see that the male has blood on his foot. Evidently my Mickey the wayward parrotlet bit him on the toe. There was blood on the perches and on the bottom of the cage. I got him out and saw blood on the foot and it was still bleeding. I dapped his little foot and the bleeding did not seem to get better. It doesn’t take much blood loss and a bird can go into shock.

I took a second and tried to be calm. I did not have any Kwik Stop or styptic powder to stop the bleeding unfortunately, but I did remember that Petsmart has some as I had been there recently to get ideas on how to make bird toys. Luckily for me Petsmart is just about 4 blocks from my house.

So I rushed over there and bought some Kwik Stop powder and put some on my little bird and…. The bleeding stopped thank goodness. Luckily he is fine and no repercussion. I watched his foot for possible infection but since I had dapped it with a bit of iodine it was fine. He could have easily lost a toe or had a nasty infection.

I did learn the hard way how important it is to have a bird first aid kit. Birds can fly into a window, get their toe bit or some other unforeseen accidents can happen so easily and unexpectedly. You can put together your own or buy a kit. I like this one from Drs Foster and Smith. In addition it is good to have a heating pad, eyedroppers, and keep on hand important vet emergency numbers, and an emergency friend contact also.

Happily this incident was just a good learning experience. In the future I have to do a better job of making sure my two feisty male parrotlets don’t get to each other again-it can happen so fast. I don’t want that to happen again or have any of my other birds hurt. However just in case, I am now prepared and have a bird first aid kit.

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