Before Rehoming Your Sun Conure …

You saw the colorful Sun Conure at the pet store and just had to have it. Through the plastic glass the parrot appeared friendly, pretty, and fun to have. When you got it home the problems began.

  • You didn’t realize the expense of owning a Sun Conure.
  • You didn’t realize a Sun Conure would bite.
  • You didn’t realize how loud a Sun Conure was.
  • You didn’t realize how messy a Sun Conure could be.
  • You didn’t realize how much time a Sun Conure took up.
  • And you didn’t realize how much work the Sun Conure would be.

Goldie’s owner has a Google alert set up to notify me whenever the term Sun Conure is crawled. There is not a day that goes by there are not at least 2 or more new ads around the country looking to rehome their Sun Conure and there are probably more out there that Google has not gotten to yet. The majority of these conures are from 1-2 years of age. Admittedly these are the difficult years. The bird is learning about the world, responding to interactions, and forming oftentimes bad habits.

Before you consider rehoming your Sun Conure, it’s helpful to know that as the bird gets older some of the screaming, biting, and frustration lessens. The work however does not. They do need attention, and care every single day. This will not go away.

I recommend giving it at least 6 months before you really decide to give the bird up. Try positive reinforcement, clip the bird’s wings, improve the diet, and try some music before making that final decision. Educate yourself as to the unique personality of this beautiful and intelligent being.

Also with the economy being soft, the market for rehomed pet birds is not strong, so by rehoming your Sun Conure you may only receive somewhere around $200 when you may have paid as much as $600 for the parrot.

Sun Conures are small intelligent, loving, and loud parrots. Owing one is a commitment to a lifetime of care for on average up to 25 years. Yes it is inconvenient at times. I cannot tell you the number of times that when I want to go out and somehow Goldie knows this and starts yelling and yelling loud. She loves me. She is like a feathered child that does not want me to leave. I love her though and have worked my lifestyle around her daily needs and schedule.

Someone recently told me that they had thought of giving up their Sun Conure. It was not until they realized that the parrot did love them and truly needed them that they indeed decided that no the Sun Conure would stay. That person realized too that they needed the Sun Conure just as much as the Sun Conure needed them if not more. They needed the Sun Conure silliness, the Sun Conure kisses, the calling sound that conures make, and the complete adoration of a beautiful creature that becomes so attached to its human that its hard to not feel the same way.

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