My Sun Conure was lost once

So if you don’t think you can lose your parrot, think again. They may get startled in an instant and be able to fly when you didn’t think that they could fly. Many parrots and pet birds get lost every day. Knowing what to do can help you get your parrot back, but prevention is always the best way to go. I know, as I nearly lost my Sun Conure once and was lucky that I found her easily. Knowing what to do can help find your lost parrot.  

Goldie my Sun Conure used to sit proudly on my shoulder while I went outside to get the mail everyday. I naively really didn’t believe that she could or would fly away from me. Then one day while outside there was a loud construstion type noise. The booming noise started her and she flew to the nearest tall tree at a great height. I called after her but Goldie proceeded to yell and scream and hang upside down while perched high up in the tree where I couldn’t reach her. She didn’t know how to get down either as she had never really flown very much and seemed very confused and frightened.

Around a half an hour latter there was another loud noise and she was again startled by it and she instinctively took off. For an instance I thought I would never see my conure again and my heart raced. I ran towards the direction that she flew and some distance latter found her walking on the ground. She appeared stunned and confused. Needless to say after that incident I never take my Sun Conure outside anymore.

What do you do if you lose your parrot or Sun Conure?

Prevention is key

 Clip the parrot’s wings if there is any possibility of escape as prevention and check flight feathers for re-growth.

 Keep recent picture of your pet bird

 Record band information

 Consider a microchip-Although it is not as common to microchip parrots as it is dogs and parrots may go un-scanned.

 Secure your parrot’s cage

 Check screens, windows, and doors to prevent your pet bird from escaping.

 Proper supervision should be provided for your pet bird at all times. When you have guests they should be warned as to proper procedures.

 Recall training- It’s very helpful to teach your parrot to come to you on command by calling its name.

 Flight training- Goldie can fly very well now. My Sun Conure is not afraid any more to fly down from somewhere anymore either. She is able to pinpoint where she wants to land easily and Goldie will seek me out and land on my head or shoulder if I leave her.

If your parrot or Sun Conure does get lost.

 Scan the trees near your home

 Post in internet websites in lost and found and classifieds. (Be careful and don’t post too much information. Just enough information is best.) 

 Place flyers around the neighborhood

 Visit local animal shelters and leave a flyer

 Visit local avian vets and leave a flyer

 Notify local bird clubs

 Notify local newspaper-place ad in classifieds and notify editor

 Visit local pet stores in the area and leave a flyer

 Leave parrot’s favorite food and cage outside where the bird might see it

Helpful Internet Websites to help locate your lost parrot or Sun Conure

  1. Listing of lost birds
  2.– Listing of lost and found pets and other items as well.
  3. Website where you can report lost, found, or stolen parrots.
  4. Classified ads for local areas
  5.– Classified ads for local areas
  6.– post a reward for lost pet birds

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