Reflections on my sun conure’s hatch day

My sun conure's hatch day reflectionsToday June 2nd is Goldie the sun conure’s hatch day. She is now 8 years-old. I can’t believe how fast the years have gone so far and how much Goldie has bought to my life. While it hasn’t always been easy, Goldie is really a joy. Reflecting back on my 8 years with her there were some definite stages.

The first 6 months after I purchased Goldie I was just so much in love with her that any sun conure yelling, biting, or mess that she made didn’t matter. I knew nothing when I bought her and the Pet Co where I bought her from didn’t tell me anything. or even give me a care sheet for that matter.

Years 1-3were the most difficult with the typical sun conure screaming problems, biting, and behavior problems. These years were about establishing a routine, lessening the noise, learning about each other, and balancing lifestyle issues. Goldie probably wasn’t socialized as much as she should have been when I bought her plus I really had to learn by trial and error. This time is usually the hardest for sun conure owners, as most are given up during this time. If you can get through this time and build a bond with your bird, it is really worth plugging through all the issues that come up.

During years 4-5, Goldie came to trust me more and our bond deepened. Goldie’s diet improved as my knowledge improved. I could hold her in my hand and she would fall asleep on my stomach. For some birds true trust takes longer than for others. Goldie was one of those birds, possibly because she did not get that handling at an early stage.

Years 6-to present. Overall life with Goldie is very rewarding. There is a bond, trust, boundaries, understanding of body language, good communication, and established, routines. She has her moments, but most of the time she is a pleasure and definitely a character.

I am anxious to see how Goldie changes and evolves as she gets older. I wonder what she will be like. Will she mellow more? She is very affectionate now, often just wanting to nuzzle or sit with me. I wonder about her coloring and how that might change. She seems to be taking on a slightly more orange tint. I also wonder if she will be happy. I try to entertain her now with toys, music, food, and love. Then again I think she will be happy as long as she has me, and she does own me I think.

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