Should you get another parrot to keep your sun conure company?

Goldie tolerates Mickey the parrotlet

So you think your sun conure is lonely and you are thinking of getting another parrot to keep them company. Should you really get another parrot or is it a bad idea?

First of all you should rethink your relationship with your sun conure. Are you spending enough quality time with them? Quality time including cuddling, playing, and training every day even for just a few minutes at a time keeps them from being lonely.

The new parrot may not get along with your sun conure. Take it from me, just because you like a parrot does not mean that your sun conure will. They could fight or your sun conure may not have any interest in them at all.

Plus there is more work with having two, because you will have to house them in separate cages. They may need somewhat different food and more cleanups as well. The added expense of more toys, food, cage, vet bills, and more goes up with each bird too.

Also a consideration is that there is more time involved with having another parrot. You have to supervise playtime even more closely and invest in individual training time as well. If you are not spending enough time with your sun conure as it is, then getting another parrot may not be a good idea.

Or you sun conure may like the new parrot so much that they may not be as interested in you. Be sure that if you get another sun conure that you understand that breeding can be time consuming, complicated, expensive, and heartbreaking at times.

Instead invest in some training time of just a few minutes a day with your sun conure. Practice recall training where you treat them when they come to you. Stick training is helpful too. Teach your sun a trick or two even or play catch. Goldie loves to be given a ball, and then throws it, and her owner retrieves it and gives it back to her.

Training sessions on a regular basis really help if you are having problems with behavior or you think your sun conure is too attached to you because they yell or want to be with you all of the time.

Get them a play stand where they can play or look out the window. Goldie loves to sit on her play stand and look out the window at the world. She will occupy herself there for quite some time too. Goldie has a rolling playstand which can be moved so if her owner is in another room on the computer the stand can go with and Goldie can be with her owner but not on her owner.

Don’t forget regular cuddle time. Goldie’s favorite cuddle time is while her owner is watching television or reading. She snuggles up by the neck and falls asleep or leans up against a hand even.

More than likely if you think you sun conure is lonely they probably are not. The sun conure probably is really just bored and needs the quality time and training. So unless you actually do really want another bird, seriously consider whether getting another parrot is the right thing to do. Goldie’s owner loves birds so having another member of the flock is not a hardship, but a joy. This is an individual and lifestyle decision that each parrot owner should make on a case by case basis.

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