Sleeping with your parrot: Why I don’t recommend it

My parrot sleeps on my armI have run across several people recently that sleep in the same bed as their parrots at night. I was at a small local pet store not long ago when I stopped to talk to a lady with a beautiful sun conure and she freely told me that she slept with her sun conure every night. I however don’t recommend it as a practice for both parrot and owner’s sake for many reasons.

I have to confess that I have slept with Goldie on rare occasion. There was that time when there was an earthquake here in the early evening and I was jumpy and Goldie was jumpy too. I let her sleep with me because frankly it calmed me. She snuggled up against me and there was no problem. We both slept calmly through the night thankfully.

Also rarely when we have a bad storm-we don’t offen get them- with heavy loud rain I may let her sleep with me as well. I am a light sleeper and she just seemed to adjust rather quickly to any tosses and turns.

However I have to say that I don’t recommend sleeping with your parrot as a practice for the following reasons:

  • You could roll over on them during the night and harm them.
  • They may become accustomed to sleeping with you and don’t want to sleep and nap in their own cage.
  • The parrot may not get enough sleep. My sun conure needs 12 hours of sleep at night for instance and I need just 7-8 hours of sleep.
  • The parrot may become overly attached to the person it sleeps with to the detriment of other family members.
  • The parrot may start to want to be with you all of the time, ignore toys, and exhibit more behavior problems as a result-you can’t be with the parrot all of the time.
  • Your significant other as well as others in the household may not understand and probably won’t be happy with the prospect either.

I understand the significant bond that is between a parrot and owner. Sleeping with the parrot however over the long run is not a positive practice; as it blurs the lines that should be a loving, supportive relationship, and can confuse the bird about the relationship as well.

So while I may let Goldie sleep with me on very rare occasions, she has her own little bed that she naps in, and sleeps in, and I have mine. She does have her frequent almost daily nap on my hand or on my stomach while I am watching TV though.

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