Sun Conures: How must does it cost to take care of them?

Sun Conure (also known as Sun Parakeet). Pets ...
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With any pet there are going to be expenses. A Sun Conure is no exception. Follows are some of the expenses that you can expect with owning a Sun Conure and are things that Goldie’s owner spends money on.

Bird Cage

Cages for Sun Conures run from $150 to $400 depending upon size and features. Remember however that this expense is not reoccurring so it’s better to spend money on the best cage you can afford.

Parrot Food

Goldie’s owner spends on average of around $40 a month on food for her. This cost includes pellets, treats, juice, bird bread ingredients, and fresh fruits vegetables. 

Bird Toys

The amount spent on bird toys can vary. Goldie’s owner probably spends around $15 on average every time a toy is bought.

Bird Grooming

Goldie is flighted so wing clipping is not an expense for her. Wing clipping can run $15 to 35 depending up if the nails and or beak are included. The clipping will usually have to be performed at least every 4-6 months.

Miscellaneous Bird Expenses

Things like perches, dishes, parrot books, bird magazines, bird club membership might be included and depending item can run from $5-20 a piece.

Avian Veterinarian checkup

This should be done twice a year. Goldie’s avian veterinarian charges $50 for an office visit.   

Altogether Goldie’s owner spends around $1200 a year or $100 a month on her alone, not including the intial bird cage investment. The total amount does  include money that is set aside for major vet bills. Goldie’s owner saves and sets aside $10 a month for future vet bills.

Why is it important to think of expenses now? Because one of the major causes of people giving up their Sun Conure, other than noise and lack of time to care for them, is the expense. Plan on spending this amount on a regular basis. Budget for future events and expenses and you will be less likely to have to give up your Sun Conure. 

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