What do you line the bird cages with?

This parrot owner used to get the Los Angeles Times four days a week delivered. The newspaper is good reading and it happens to be a good bird cage liner too. However with a busy schedule, this parrot owner found that there often wasn’t enough time to read the newspaper, but still the paper was needed to line bird cages.

Recently though the newspaper increased its price to $1 a day and $2 for the Sunday paper. That seemed like pretty expensive paper just to line the bird’s cages. While this parrot owner thinks reading a newspaper is worthy of expense, lack of time and the extra price increase made it a luxury worth cutting out.

So what can you line the bird cages with? 

Paper towels are a thought, but really only make sense for a very small travel cage because of cost and small size. I have also heard that some people use the press and seal plastic over newspaper or paper towels. While that may be a useful idea for small cages and travel cages, it doesn’t really work for the larger cages.

Bird Cage liners 

Bird cage liners come in rolls or are pre cut into sizes for your particular bird cage. What’s good about these is that you can place a whole weeks worth of liners in the cage and remove one each day. This way you can do your daily wipe down and remove the liner, thus saving time during the busy work week.

I prefer the rolls because I have several different bird cages and you can cut them down to fit the size of the bird cage.

There is also the option of bedding fibers or bird cage liter that you change at least once a week. To me I prefer to change more often and fibers seem messier for indoor use, but that may be individual preference. I also have concerns about my birds picking things up with their beak and I don’t want them ingesting any bedding material. My birds are just too plain curious to consider lining the cage with bird liter or fibers.

Another option is getting just the plain paper that the newspaper is printed on. That way you don’t get all those adds that you can’t use to line the cage with anyway because the glossy print ink can contain harmful chemicals.

Whatever you line the bird cage with, cleaning and changing the cage liner frequently is important to the overall health of birds. When you change the liner you can check the bird droppings for unusual changes and also check to see what food has been tossed and not eaten. So whether you use newspaper or liners it is important to clean often. This small flock household now doesn’t have a stack of unread newspaper in the corner though.


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