What will happen to my sun conure if something were to happen to me?

It’s hard to think about, but it must be done. What will happen to my sun conure if something were to happen to me? It has worried me as I have seen what could happen, so over time I have made some plans for my sun conure.

I don’t want Goldie placed in a merry-go-round of rehoming and placed with anyone that has never had a bird before. Neither do I want her to go to a rescue organization though many are very good. I have seen how crowded they are these days and the prospect of her getting little attention that she is so used to makes me sad.

This is why Goldie has a savings account. A small monthly amount is saved every month specifically for her. This money could be used to help pay for a major vet bill emergency or used to take care of Goldie in the event something were to happen to her owner.

Goldie’s website, myconure.com, was started to share pictures of her but as become almost a guidebook on how to take care of Goldie. Written instructions on how to care for your bird are a good idea so that someone knows what your bird likes and does not like. Goldie’s owner has written down instructions on what is to be done with Goldie in the event that her owner is no longer around.

I don’t really have a family member that I feel could take on Goldie in the event that I am not around. I don’t want her to be rehomed to just anyone either. Some of the options for her future include making provisions at Home For Life. Home For Life offers lifetime care for your pet with a donation beforehand with their Angel Care program. I like the idea that I would know where she will be and that she would be taken care of. It’s a great option for people that cannot leave their precious pet to a family member or friend.

The other option would be to offer Goldie to one of her many worthy Facebook or Twitter friends that have bird and sun conure experience. This option would be good because Goldie would be known somewhat by her far away friend. I would leave it up to a close friend to interview any of Goldie’s Facebook or Twitter friends that would want her and to pick the best home.

Then there are wills and trusts. Someday soon I do plan to codify my exact wishes as to Goldie in a legal document. She is important to me and such an important part of my life that it is my duty to make provisions for her and her flock mates as well.

Sun conures can live up to 30 years of age and maybe a little more even, so it is important to plan for the future just in case. I hope to outlive Goldie and it is an incentive to eat right and take care of myself, but planning for her future and saving a little money for her future gives me peace of mind.



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