My sun conure likes people food sometimes

Goldie likes to eat cerealGoldie my very social sun conure eats her dinner meal at the table with her owner. She has her own dish and a glass for apple juice at the table even. Frequently Goldie shows an interest in people food, but not all people food is good for parrots.

In the hit animated movie Rio, that features parrots, Blu, the hyacinth macaw, loves to have chocolate chip cookies as a treat. Any bird owner should know that chocolate is a big no no because it is toxic to parrots. Goldie has never shown an interest in chocolate thankfully, though her owner loves the stuff.


Goldie has shown an interest in chicken though. Since Goldie’s vet has said that a small amount of plain chicken is ok as a treat, Goldie does enjoy a small little piece once in a while. I do feel somehow awkward though at the thought of a parrot eating something close to her own kind, but Goldie does enjoy the protein now and then.

Plain organic yogurt

I also give Goldie a very small amount of organic plain yogurt when she has an egg laying episode which tends to only happen two or three times a year. She enjoys a bite or two of the yogurt is all. Small amounts are fine for the extra calcium that she craves. Male sun conures really don’t need that extra bit of calcium however, and females don’t need it all the time because milk products are not easily absorbed by parrots.


Goldie also loves to have some cereal in the morning sometimes with soy or almond milk. She loves plain cheerios or oatmeal. A small amount of cereal is fine as long as it doesn’t have excess sugar or other added ingredients. She frequently hops onto my cereal bowl and helps herself, so it’s difficult for me because I cannot add any sugar to my cereal then.

Apple and Orange Juice

Apple juice is a frequent staple, and Goldie has a few sips now and then of orange juice, but orange juice is a bit acidic so moderation is important.


Bread is sometimes a favorite of Goldie’s, but I think she enjoys tearing up a fresh slice of whole wheat bread more than eating it. If I give her a piece of bread she may have just a couple of small bites and the rest winds up on the floor in little pieces all over the place. Goldie’s owner also makes birdie bread, but that is not considered people food.

Eggs and Brown Rice

Goldie used to like eggs but no longer seems to care for eggs. She also used to like brown rice but doesn’t like that anymore either for some reason.


Goldie is also offered carrots which she likes, and fresh squeezed smoothies with lots of organic vegetables blended with apple juice and bananas. She loves to share a smoothie with her owner from time to time.

Be sure to avoid avocados, salt, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, sodas, chocolate, and to read labels for added ingredients. Some people food is fine in small amounts as long as the diet overall is good. A sun conure is recommended to have a diet of around 80% pellets with plenty of veggies. Moderation is key with anything, but when in doubt check with your avian vet or don’t feed it to your parrot at all. Blu, the fictional movie parrot may be able to eat chocolate, but your parrot should never in real life.

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