What Goldie the sun conure does not like:

Goldie the sun conure over time has developed certain dislikes. Some of the things she does not like make sense-such as the cat. Other things really don’t add up. These things just make her personality unique. Goldie’s owner tries to avoid the things that Goldie does not like as much as possible.

Goldie hates the phone and frequently will yell when she hears it ring. If you pick up the phone when she is around she will bite and lunge at you. If you have the phone beware she may bite hard.

Goldie for some reason does not like money. If you take paper money out of your wallet and start handling it for some reason it just drives her crazy. Again if you are anywhere near the money she will bite and lunge at you. 

Goldie does not like water running, or when the toilet flushes. If you do these things when she is around she will scream. 

Clothes hangers-if she sees you with one she will fly after you and bite you till you drop it. Doing laundry or handling clothes also seems to make her mad.

Pill bottles, glasses, coffee cups, ice cream cups or similar items that make noise seem to set her off.

Strangers will sometimes make her scream when she sees them for the first time. Some people however don’t seem to bother her at all though.   

Cats. Goldie’s owner has a cat and Goldie gets jealous when her owner pets the cat. She will lunge or charge after the cat and the cat will run. Goldie then laughs. Goldie knows also that when she screams the cat will run. (please beware that some cats may harm conures. Goldie’s cat knows her and Goldie bosses the cat).

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