What people may not like about Goldie the sun conure:

After a while many of these issues are just inconvenience and are really no hardship at all. With any relationship there is good and bad.

Goldie screams sometimes. She screams for her owner. She screams when she wants something. Like any sun conure, Goldie’s scream is loud. 

Goldie if she does not like something will bite and lunge. 

Goldie’s owner wipes the bird cage daily and cleans it once a week also. Cleaning is something that has to be done on a regular basis. Dishes and toys have to be cleaned also. 

Goldie’s owner has to sweep up after me daily and vacuum quite a bit as well. Goldie flings food on the floor and feather dust can be a cleaning issue. 

Goldie can be expensive. Goldie likes toys and lots of food which can add up. She has to be groomed once in a while and vet bills can be expensive. 

Goldie can get up early. She usually wakes her owner up between 6:00am and 7:00am in the morning depending upon what time of year it is.

Goldie likes to poke holes in clothes.

A parrot owner has to be aware of household cleaners, oven cleaning, perfume use, bug spray, and cooking pans when owning a parrot. These things will need to be limited or avoided completely for the safety of the parrot.

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