Bird Safe Bug Spray

CamicideI have had a problem recently with both black ants and red ants in the house. Since I have pet birds I am extremely careful about what I use around the house as I know that birds have sensitive respiratory systems and most bug sprays are out of the question as they are not bird safe. I am not comfortable using insecticides around people for that matter either. I about freaked out when I saw little black ants crawling near my sun conure’s cage. I tried almost everything to kill ants that I thought would not harm my birds, but was having no luck finding a bird safe bug spray.  

I tried using ant baits and the baits seemed to work for a while and then the problem seemed to get worse. It really seemed like the ants knew what those baits were and just plain avoided them. Getting rid of ants was not easy I thought to myself. My sun conure and my other pet birds have always been my priority and I decided to keep trying to find a way to take care of the ant problem in a bird safe way. 

Then I tried borax mixed with sugar and sprinkled it on the area where they seemed to be coming from and that too did not work either. Then I tried crème of wheat as I had read that it killed ants, but that too did not work. Those two methods just left a mess that I had to clean up. 

Then I finally went to my local bird store and purchased some Camicide Insect Spray. I had heard about Camicide at a local bird club meeting. The speaker even said that he sprayed it on some birds to no ill effect. While I don’t recommend spraying Camicide on birds, I thought I would give the spray a try and see if it would get rid of the ants. What could I lose? 

Camicide is made from Pyrethrum which comes from chrysanthemums. Camicide is really an insecticide but I have found that it works as a repellent also. Just a few little squirts and I am happy to say that the ants have not come back. It will even work on flies and cockroaches. Now why didn’t I try it before? 

Camicide is bird safe when used as directed. Not to be used around fish.

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