Cleaning up after my sun conure

Cleanliness is important to the well being of your sun conureThere is no doubt about it, parrots and sun conures can be messy members of the household. Overall though I find Goldie my sun conure to be no less messy than my cats. Cleaning is down to a science and if done on a regular basis, it is easy to manage and not overly time consuming.

It’s important to keep Goldie’s cage as clean as possible. She is not overly messy with her cage, but she does have the tendency to fling food every once in a while. Sun conures will do that so don’t be surprised to find food all around the floor of the cage.

My sun conure’s cage usually gets a wipe down everyday. This usually takes just a minute and is usually done before fresh food and water is given. The newspaper liner is changed and toys are checked for cleanliness. Her food dishes are also washed daily as well.

Everyday before bedtime for Goldie my sun conure, her cage area is swept. It’s important to pick up that dust and flung food particles that are lurking around. The feather dust can build up around her area very easily. It’s that little white flakes that you might see on the floor. Fortunately Goldie has hardwood flooring around her cage area which makes it easier to keep clean.

If you have carpeted areas, a hand held vacuum can be a handy tool to have. My sun conure however tends to dislike vacuum cleaners of any sort. However cleanliness is so important in warding off illness that a few screams of dislike from your parrot is well worth the trouble.

Goldie has newspaper around the bottom of the outside of her cage because she is potty trained and likes to go pooh there. This newspaper is changed daily as well because she tends to pooh there several times thorought the day.

Weekly Goldie’s cage is cleaned and sprayed with bird cage cleaner such as Pet Focus Disinfectant – Quart or Earth Friendly AVIARY CAGE CLEANER 22OZ. Basically you just leave the cleaner on the cage a few minutes and wash it off. The cage can be taken outside and sprayed down with a hose or given a good scrub down with some cage cleaner brushes. After waiting for the cage cleaner to do its work, it really doesn’t take too long to clean the cage. The hard part is putting all the toys and perches back in after hosing the cage down.

There are homemade bird cage cleaning recipes on the internet, but for Goldie’s owner time is a precious commodity that is best reserved for playing with my sun conure. However if you feel that a homemade solution to cleaning is worth a try a baking soda, lemon juice mixture may be the ticket.

The whole house is vacuumed at least once a week and usually twice a week to keep away feather dust. Goldie lives in an area of the country where the weather is often good so she does get good ventilation. If you are not that fortunate an air filter could help out and it is recommended to change your air filter on your air conditioner/heater often.

With a little thought and devoting a few minutes a day, keeping your home clean for you and your parrot can be easily managed. Goldie’s owner is a busy person, but yet Goldie’s well being and health are a priority that warrants attention. Goldie’s owner has seen other parrot’s cages that have huge bird pooh buildup that smells and cannot be healthy for the bird or the owner.

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