Goldie the sun conure loves the Santa Ana wind swept sky

Goldie looks out the window at the wind swept skyGoldie the sun conure lives in sunny California. Occasionally when the famous Santa Ana winds pick up the humidly level can drop to almost nothing. The dry air makes Goldie’s owner slightly uncomfortable so I can imagine it is the same for Goldie. Air quality and humidity levels are important because birds have a more organized respiratory system than we do and thus are more susceptible to respiratory aliments when air quality is not the greatest.

Goldie’s owner offers these basic tips to improve air quality for your birds:

  • When possible allow some fresh air in. Please be cautious about unclipped birds flying out windows and doors though.
  • Household fumes must be kept to a minimum. When it doubt don’t use it near your bird. This includes air fresheners, scented candles, hair spray, and cooking with non stick cookware.
  • When you vacuum be cautious about stirring up dust and mold spores. Remove your bird from the room if necessary until the dust settles.
  • Consider investing in a Hepa filter to remove toxins and spores from the air.
  • When humidity is higher mold and mildew can spread more easily. Aspergillosis infections can form as the fungus grows on decaying matter. Remove wet cage paper and moist food often to prevent the spread of the mold and fungus spores and keep the bird’s area as dry as possible.
  • Air that is too dry isn’t great either, as it can make birds uncomfortable and increase chances of respiratory illness in a susceptible bird. Humidity ranges of 40-50% are best for most birds. Humidifiers are an option, but they must be properly maintained or they can increase the chances of mold spores from forming.
  • The best way to ward off respiratory illness is with a strong immune system. Good diet, pellets, organic fruit, vegetables are the way to go. Vitamin A deficiency in parrots stemming from an all seed diet can make a parrot more suspectable to respiratory illness.

Goldie loves the clear blue sky that results from the Santa Ana winds because she can see the tiniest of airplanes. With Goldie a little misting with a spray bottle seems to be all she needs for added comfort. A few squirts of filtered water around the air helps too. With a good diet and some misting, she can enjoy the pretty wind swept sky even when the humidity is below 10%.


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