Important tips to keep your parrot safe during the holiday season

It’s getting to be the holiday season and while it can be a busy and joyous time, it is important to think about pet bird safety as there are many dangers lurking for your parrots this time of year. Goldie the sun conure wants all her feathered friends to have a safe holiday season so here are five important tips to look out for to keep your pet conure or any parrot safe this time of year. 


Teflon is a danger to pet birds. Many ovens have Teflon pans and if heated to a certain temperature for an unknown length of time, they can be deadly to birds. To be on the safe side, if you are cooking for any length of time, make sure the parrot is in a well ventilated location well away from the kitchen. (Goldie’s owner lives in a mild climate, so Goldie and her feathered roommates will either be outside on the patio in a secure location or in the garage for a while.) 


When cooking on the stove, it’s easy for a curious little bird that wants to be with its owner to come flying in if it’s unclipped. While cooking, keep birds safely in their cages. This prevents you from being distracted while cooking and prevents something horrible from happening to your pet bird. 

Christmas Trees 

Needles from Christmas trees can be deadly to pet birds. Flocked trees are pretty to look at but are toxic to birds. Christmas tree decorations are not bird toys. 

Toxic Plants 

The Christmas poinsettia plant can be dangerous to your birds. Be cautious of Christmas wreaths and table decorations around your pet bird. Many of these items can be poisonous to birds. 


Your guests may leave open windows and doors. It’s best to keep your parrot in the cage or in a secure location around guests. There are instances of pet birds getting lost even when owner’s thought that the parrot could not fly. Nothing can spoil a holiday season like a lost pet bird or parrot.

Caring for parrots and pet birds involves advance planning and special circumstances. So be sure to keep your feathered friend safe and happy this busy time of year. 

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