My Sun Conure and my Cats

My Sun Conure does not like my catsGoldie my Sun Conure does not like my two cats and for the most part the cats are rather ambivalent about her. Goldie is jealous of when I pet the cats and will lunge at the cat when petting it or even talking to the cat. The cat runs in post haste if it sees Goldie coming, wanting nothing to do with my angry parrot. Such is the relationship between my Sun Conure and my cats.  

Fortunately for Goldie she really seems to be boss of the cats. One scream and the cats run too. The cats even decide to leave if Goldie is brought into the room that they are in because they know that there is also the possibility of the loud scream. Goldie’s sharp yell really bothers the cats and since Goldie doesn’t like them, one look at a cat near her and she yells. The cats seem to know to stay away from her and Goldie makes sure of it.

However cats and any pet birds should not be left unsupervised together. One cat bite or even a scratch is all it takes because cat saliva has a bacterium called Pasteurella that is toxic and deadly to birds. There is always that natural temptation for cats to hunt and or try to play with a bird. I have personally seen one of my cats eat a Sun Conure feather that had made its way to the floor.

  • Goldie or any of her feathered friends are never left in a room with the cats unsupervised.
  • After handling the cats always wash your hands.

If you think that a cat has bitten your bird you should take it to a vet immediately, as even if there are no apparent wounds, the bacteria can be deadly to a bird rather quickly and sometimes within 12 hours; so it’s best to the have bird checked out as soon as possible. The vet will give the bird an antibiotic. I have even read stories of a bird becoming ill through just though cat saliva alone and not from a bite, so it’s also important to remember that if you have cats that you should wash your hands after handling the cats or cleaning the litter box.

Parrot safety and overall Sun Conure health depend on owners making sure that all their pets are properly supervised and precautions taken. That way Goldie my Sun Conure can safely remain the boss of the cats.

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