My Sun Conure can now have her seeds sprouted

my sun conure parrot loves sprouts

Recent sprouts from Big Bird Mix from Sprout People

I have heard so much about sprouting for pet birds and the wonderful benefits, so I decided to give sprouting a try. Goldie my Sun Conure parrot loves seeds unfortunately, as her avian vet says that she shouldn’t have more than 20% regular seed in her diet. However since sprouting is so good nutritionally for parrots, my Sun Conure can now have her seeds sprouted without me feeling so guilty about it.

I was really surprised how easy it was to sprout. I purchased an Easy Sprouter from Sprout People in their bird sprouting kit. The kit comes with detailed instructions and they have a very helpful video on the site to help you also.

I decided to use some organic apple cider vinegar to rinse the seeds with to ward off concerns about bacteria and mold. They say however that if the mixture smells bad then that is a sign that something is wrong and you should not give it to your bird. I have also heard that using grapeseed extract is another alternative to apple cider vinegar.

Basically you just soak the seed overnight and rinse it every 8-12 hours and let it drain. It’s also fun to watch as the little sprouts start slowly popping out. I have to admit that I peek every once in a while to look. I am not really the worlds greatest cook, but sprouting is really actually easy, as long as you follow the directions, plus there is no mess to clean up.

At first Goldie my Sun Conure didn’t like the sprouts. She looked at them in disgust actually as she had never seen anything like that before I am sure. Goldie really doesn’t take well to change. So the next batch I sprouted I just soaked them overnight to awaken the seed for more nutrition and started it that way. Then the subsequent batch I sprouted a little longer until she got more used to the sprouts. Now she seems to enjoy them.

Sprouts are a “live” food and offer protein, minerals and enzymes that are part of the seed and awakened when the seed is wet. Cooked food destroys some of the vitamins and enzymes that many fruits and vegetables provide so sprouting can help add variety and nutritional benefits to your parrot’s diet.

I have been offering Goldie my Sun Conure the Big Bird Mix from Sprout People which contains almond, sunflower, wheat, oats, millet, buckwheat, lentils, adzuki beans, mung beans, garbanzos, peas, and corn.


I also sprout quinoa for myself and my pet birds. I soon hope to try sprouting alfalfa, wheat grass, and broccoli for myself also. I have generally found that since I have had pet birds that my diet has improved. I eat more fruits and vegetables because I have to fix it for my pet birds. Now I enjoy sprouts also. Plus there is something so fascinating when you see that little shoot sprout up. So now we are all happy. My Sun Conure is happy with her sprouted seeds, and I am healthier and happier because of it too. 

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