My sun conure is flighted but does not fly free outside

My sun conure loves to look out the window.It would be glamorous to show off my beautiful flighted sun conure parrot outside in public by letting her free flight outside. I could have people come up to me in awe of her and be the center of attention. Recently however, I have noticed that some well known YouTube sun conures have gone over the rainbow bridge. These birds performed tricks, showed off their vibrant personalities, and flew free outside. While we can’t speculate why they passed on prematurely, we can discuss something that they did that Goldie does not do-that is fly outside.

Ok so there are wild parrots outside and they fly free, so why not let your parrot fly outside? Well, the wild parrots in many cases probably have built up resistance to various illnesses that they may come in contact with outside. These wild birds have encountered the dangers of hawks, cars, and crows on a daily basis.

Taking your bird outside exposes it to the same risks that wild parrots encounter. If you allow your parrot to fly outside they would be exposed to wild birds and various unknown contaminates that they no longer may have immunity for. Diseases from pigeons, sparrows, pollution, and poisonous plants and insecticides would be a risk. West Nile virus too in some areas of the country can be an issue as well.

If your parrot gets ill from going outside they oftentimes hide it very well. They may seem fine until all of a sudden they are not eating, and are sitting on the bottom of the cage fluffed up. By this time they can be very seriously ill and near death.

A safer alternative to free flight outside is a harness. With a harness you can at least have some control over the possible dangers that the bird is exposed to outside. I am still thinking about getting one for Goldie just for the purpose of taking her out for a visit with the neighbors and to see friends.

Goldie may however be afraid of the harness at this point in her 8-year old life. She may not like going outside with all its noises and distractions. She frequently yells with displeasure if she sees a strange person walking by outside when she is looking out the windows. I am still thinking about it I must say, but it is doubtful I will get one for her. Perhaps if she was not so set in her ways I would get her a harness.

Goldie is flighted but she flies indoors. She knows the house and any apparent dangers have been removed. She is out of the cage at least two hours a day and most of the time she is out of the cage at least half of the day. She is happy to be inside too. So while it may seem glamorous to let your parrot fly free outside, Goldie is really happy to just look out the window.

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