Nail products are not pet bird friendly

My Sun Conure loves my natural nails

My Sun Conure loves my natural nails

Goldie’s owner is a female and like many women does enjoy her beauty products. However my Sun Conure and her health are my main priority. For instance Goldie’s owner likes to have nice long nails and many nail products that you buy at the store can be petroleum based or have other harsh, toxic chemicals which are not good for pet birds. Most nail products for the most part are not pet bird friendly.

Acetone, formaldehyde, toluene dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and are just some of the scary chemicals that can be in nail products. While many cosmetic companies have taken some of these chemicals out of their products, many more chemicals remain.

Birds and parrots have especially sensitive respiratory systems so if you polish your nails nearby they can breath in those fumes. Many birds and parrots also like to nibble at nails. As both Goldie my Sun Conure and my parrotlets love to nibble all the time. Plus I have heard that some parrots don’t like painted nails. Goldie for example loves the color red or pink so if my nails were painted that color she would just go crazy.

Like Goldie’s owner, the very talented Ann Lihl, who also has pet birds, believes in living as non toxic as possible. Ann of Simply The Best Creations says “for nail products, I do not use any either on my hands. I keep my nails trimmed and clean and keep my cuticles looking nice. I don’t use polish except on my toes. I use all natural products myself for my skin so it’s healthy not just for me but for the birds too.”

Goldie’s owner usually has long natural nails herself. She files them, rubs a little almond oil on the cuticles and low and behold sometimes people think my nails are fake. The almond oil gives the nails a subtle sheen and they look nice and pink. Goldie’s owner has not worn nail polish or used nail polish remover for years.

So if my Sun Conure wants to occasionally nibble on my nails it is really ok as there is nothing to hurt her. My nails are actually quite strong and flexible. I also don’t also have to worry about her freaking out at seeing a flash of bright color. I think my Sun Conure loves my long natural nails too by the way.

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