Sun conures need a good night’s sleep

well rested sun conures are easier to handleParrots need a good nights sleep just like people do. If Goldie the sun conure does not get enough sleep she is more nippy and grouchy during the day. She will scream more than usually and just be an unhappy parrot. 

Happily most of the time Goldie has no problem getting a good nights sleep. Goldie usually goes to bed when it gets dark or somewhere after that. She usually goes into her teepee bed and sleeps through the whole night. Sometimes she will sleep in the bed standing up or sitting. The bed keeps it dark, warm, and comfy for her at night. 

Goldie is the one that usually initiates going to bed and will hint that she is ready by pinching or grunting. She is very much a creature of habit and prefers around the same time every day to go to bed and wake up. 

Goldie’s owner is still amazed at how like clockwork Goldie wakes up at almost the same time every day.  Goldie usually wakes up around 6:00 am to 7:00am depending on what time of year it is. In the winter time she usually goes to bed earlier and gets up latter. In the summer she goes to bed a little bit latter and gets up a little bit earlier. 

Goldie also takes a nap during the day while her toddler music is on. The music seems to calm and relax her. 

Goldie will sometimes fall asleep on her owner while her owner is watching television. 

Goldie does not like for her cage to be covered. This may vary with individual birds. For some reason having the cage covered just irritates her. Your parrot may or may not like the cage covered. Goldie does have a little red blanket that is used to cover a small part of the cage and prevent excess light. 

Overall Goldie’ owner finds that if Goldie has gotten good nights sleep then the sun conure is a much better behaved bird during the day.

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