What Goldie the sun conure likes:

Goldie the sun conure has her own unique personality. Like any parrot she has developed her own opinion about things. Every parrot or sun conure may have specialized likes and dislikes that an owner should learn and discover.

Goldie loves music. She loves all kinds of music. Most of the time she listens to toddler tunes several hours a day. The music seems to entertain her and it also calms her down. Sometimes Goldie’s owner will sing to her as well. Even if the singing is bad Goldie still seems to like it. She has also been known to enjoy cartoons.  

Goldie likes to look out the window. She will watch for wild birds, airplanes, people, and cars too. If you say “oh look at that” Goldie will bob her head in acknowledgement. 

Goldie likes to bite and tear up magazines. She will shred and laugh while playing with the magazine until she gets tired of it.   

Goldie loves to look in the closet while her owner makes silly scary noises. Goldie thinks it’s funny and will bob her head up and down afterward in amusement. 

Goldie loves to play tickle belly. Goldie will roll over and her owner will tickle her belly while making silly noises. After Goldie has enough she will roll over again wanting more.

Goldie loves to be petted and loves to cuddle. She will cuddle up next to her owner’s hand and doze off sometimes. She enjoys sitting with her owner while watching television or while her owner is working on the computer. Sometimes she will run her beak over her owner’s arm out of affection and make kissing noises. Goldie has been known to walk quite a ways to go over and give someone a kiss that she likes. 

Goldie enjoys breakfast and dinner with her owner most days. She has her own little dish and a cup for juice. 

Some of Goldie’s toys include a wood block for shredding, various balls that she likes to play toss with, a red little blanket that she loves, and a pink tee shirt that she likes also. 

Goldie loves to take a bath several times a week or more. She has her own little tub and in gets on her own. 

Goldie spends up to several hours a day outside of the cage playing and visiting.

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