What Goldie the sun conure knows:

Goldie is potty trained and will have to potty when she makes a funny sound and raises up her wings. She expects to be taken to her cage to go. Sometimes Goldie’s owner will have to say go “do do” and Goldie will go.  Sometimes if you ask Goldie if she has to go “do do” she will bob her head or grunt as a response if she has to go. She rarely has an accident anymore.   

Goldie loves airplanes. Goldie will look out the window and tell everyone when she sees an airplane. Goldie’s owner will sometimes sit with her and wait for an airplane to go by because Goldie enjoys it so. Goldie amazes everyone by spotting even the farthest tiniest airplane.   

When Goldie is offered juice, her owner will say “more?” and Goldie will answer if she wants more or not by grunting or bobbing her head.  Goldie will also ask for juice by going over to a cup and taping on a glass. Goldie loves to have apple and orange juice daily. 

Goldie frequently makes kissing noises and likes to be adored and loved. She appears to know what the kissing noise stands for because if you tell her she is a good girl sometime she will make the kissing noise. 

Goldie will bob her head up and down to music and try to sing along to songs that she likes.

Goldie will communicate with grunts or head nods.  She will answer a question with a nod or grunt or ask for something that way as well.

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