Bird friendly housecleaning tips

Vinegar is a bird friendly cleanerSpring cleaning time is here. Having a clean house is important for the health of your pet birds and for you as well. Using bird friendly cleaning ingredients is a must around birds because air fresheners and regular household cleaners may be harmful to bird’s sensitive respiratory systems. That is why I try to go as natural as I can when I clean house, otherwise I would have move my sun conure to a different room or outside.

I use vinegar and water in a spray bottle to clean mirrors, counter tops, stove top, and use it in the bathroom as well. You can put some lemon juice to make it smell a little better. Just spray and wipe. Overall I love using the mixture and would never use glass cleaner or other household cleaners again. It leaves my mirrors streak free and has disinfectant properties as well.

Add a little baking soda to the vinegar and water mixture and you can use this to scrub the shower and tub too. Borax works well also for stains. I also clean the toilet with borax and vinegar on a regular basis as well.

Baking soda is a natural odor neutralizer. I have some in the refrigerator and put some in the trash can too. I have a lemon tree and get quite a few lemons so I use some of those lemon peels and use the juice also to make the kitchen sink drain smell great.

I have wood and tile floors in the house and just sweep and vacuum up the dust on a regular basis and then use a steam mop on the floors too. The steam mop brings up embedded dirt and has disinfectant properties also.

I feel better going the natural route wherever possible. I find the more natural alternatives to be cheaper than buying lots of cleaning products and works just as well. I use Costco Kirkland Signature Brand dish soap and laundry soap for the dirty dishes and to wash clothes. Any phosphate free plus biodegradable soap should be ok or you can even try to make your own.

I do admit that I use a fair share of paper towels, but am trying to cut down by using washable cloths. Other than that I am a fairly green house cleaner because of my pet birds, and you know what, I feel better myself also. Since what’s good for my birds, has to be good for me too.

Feel free to share any bird friendly cleaning tips that you have.

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