Inspect pet bird toys and bedding frequently for safety problems

Pet bird bedding should be checked for chewing problemsOur pet birds love their toys and happy hut beds. However it is important to remember to check bird toys and bedding on a regular basis to make sure the items are clean and in good condition. Bird toys and bedding that have even minor damage can become a safety issue.    

Recently I was giving my parrotlet’s cage its weekly major cleaning and noticed that the happy hut was being chewed on. The material, a green fuzz,  looked like it was on the cage floor, but to be on the safe side I decided to discard the bed.

Pet birds can choke, eat, or become entangled in toys and bedding material. Eating bedding material is not safe as who knows what is in that material. Pet birds have been known to accidentally hang themselves with damaged toys and bedding material or get sick from ingesting foreign materials as well.

I have been giving the bird cages a weekly major cleaning in addition to the daily wipe down, but upon finding the happy hut damage have decided that weekly inspections are no longer enough. Toys should be checked daily when you wipe down the cage, replace the tray bottom, or replace food dishes.

Make sure that there are no loose strings, or hanging items that birds can get caught in. Check for places that they have been chewing on for safety. Make sure toys are clean and disinfect regularly. Look for loose parts or other hazards.

Bird toys and bedding don’t last forever. Some bird toys have to be thrown out and bedding replaced every once in a while. I would rather spend the extra money on bird toys and bedding to make sure my birds are safe and happy.  Goldie my sun conure, my parrotlets, and my finches are too important to me. Accidents do happen, so it’s better to be on the safe side.

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