Planning how to keep Goldie the sun conure warm this winter

It is finally starting to get cold where Goldie the sun conure lives, so it is time to start planning to take care of my conure  and keep her warm at night especially since Goldie’s owner does not like to keep the heater on at night. Planning to keep a pet parrot warm in the winter time can be a complicated process with so many products and issues out there.

Goldie’s owner is lucky to live in a milder climate, but it does get cold at night. Most of the time, an extra warm blanket over the parrot cage is all that Goldie needs. Deep in the winter however and when there is a storm, it will get colder; so some planning and thought as to how to keep Goldie and her feathered roommates warm is in order. 

For pet birds things like space heaters can have Teflon that can be deadly to birds and fireplaces can cause respiratory problems so both of those are out of the question. I have heard great things about the Avi-Temp Infrared Heat Panels which can be hung on the wall next to the cage or mounted on the cage even. The heat lamp that Avitech sells is also an option for really cold nights that may happen occasionally where Goldie lives. 

Heated perches can be great for some parrots especially during the day but Goldie tends to chew and since she mainly needs the heat at night, I don’t think she needs one right now.

If Goldie lived in a colder climate, Goldie’s owner might consider getting something like EdenPURE GEN3 Model 1000 Quartz Infrared Heater or the Delonghi TRD0715T Safe Heat Oil-Filled Radiator which Goldie’s owner has been told are safe around birds, but please do verify with the manufacturer regarding Teflon with any household appliance as a precaution. If you have any experience with these items around your parrots feel free to share.

Extra protection with a First Alert CO600 Plug In Carbon Monoxide Alarm is recommended for people and parrots because gas furnaces, water heaters, wood-burning fireplaces, stoves, and even clothes dryers can emit deadly carbon monoxide. Goldie’s owner also has several smoke detectors that are checked regularly as well. 

Goldie’s owner has forced air heat which can be very drying to parrot feathers and parrot skin. A humidifier may be necessary for some parrots (again check to make sure that the humidifier does not have Teflon); so if your bird seems itchy or you have dry hands when your hands are not normally dry, then the air is too dry for your parrot. Goldie’s owner however just leaves a small bowl of warm water near the cage if the air seems too dry. Most of the time when the heater has to be turned on, there is a storm and that means rain; so the dry air is more of a problem when it is hot.   

Fortunately for now Goldie’s sleep tent and an extra blanket are all that she needs right now to stay warm, but with some planning and careful shopping for bird care products, she can weather the stormy nights ahead just fine. 

Feel free to let Goldie’s owner know what you plan to do to keep your conure warm this winter; especially if you live in a colder climate.

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