There is not a day that goes by that Goldie the sun conure does not scream. This is a major issue with many sun conure owners and forces many owners to give up the squawking birds. A sun conure will never be a quiet bird. However the noise can be managed so that they scream less often. Please beware though if you are a person that is sensitive to noise a sun conure is not the parrot for you. They don’t always tell you this at the pet store.

  • Goldie the sun conure screams when she wants something.

  • Goldie the sun conure screams when she wants to be with her owner.

  • Goldie the sun conure screams when she sees something she doesn’t like.

What can you do to cope with sun conure screaming?

First make sure the diet is well balanced and the sun conure has been checked out by a vet. Also make sure the cage location is good. Goldie likes to be the center of attention so her cage is in the living room.

Make sure the parrot is getting enough sleep. Goldie is put to bed usually around 6:30pm and gets up at around 6:30 am depending upon the time of year. She also takes a daily nap.

Goldie the sun conure likes regular baths also. Sun conures take pride in their appearance and feel good when they are clean. Provide a bowl full of cool water or spray mist for the parrot whichever they prefer. Goldie prefers to have a bowl of cold water and jumps into the bowl herself.

Lots of play time and stimulation is important for sun conures. Provide music, toys, and shredding toys for the sun conure. Goldie the sun conure loves music and has music or television on many hours a day. She also likes shredding toys. Magazines, phone books, toilet paper rolls all work the same purpose. Find out what your individual parrot likes. Goldie also spends several hours a day outside of the cage at least, if not more. She shares meals with her owner as well. Remember sun conures are very social birds and crave interaction.

Give the sun conure some sunlight. After all they are sun conures. Make sure that if you put them outside that you provide some shade and beware of any outdoor dangers from predators and protect against possible theft of your bird. If putting the bird outside is not an option consider getting a lamp and offering full spectrum lighting.

Positive reinforcement is the most important factor in managing the screaming sun conure. This takes time and patience. Goldie loves attention as do most sun conures. Give love attention, soothing words when the bird is being good. Try to use the same words all the time.

Ignore screaming, but make sure all other needs are met such as diet, sleep, toys etc. Make sure that everything is ok; for instance that your bird has not fallen, or that something is wrong. There have been plenty of reports of parrots screaming when there is a fire or a burglar. Knowing your bird and the sound of the noise it makes helps recognize this. Spend time with the sun conure playing when they are good and behaving well. Goldie loves it when she is told she is a good girl. Ignoring screaming is difficult, but if you give the parrot the idea that by screaming they will get what they want, they will continue to scream and scream even more. Positive reinforcement takes time, but it does work. Sun conures are highly intelligent birds with large egos and vibrant personalities.

Be patient. Again remember a sun conure will never be a quiet bird. They will scream occasionally throughout the day-this is normal.

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